Saturday, 23 January 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus: Here’s what we know so far

It's been long time coming but looks like Xiaomi is finally set to enthrall audiences across the globe with its next Mi flagship earlier this week. Lei Jun and Co. are holding out a major global event in their home surroundings, wherein two Mi devices; Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus are to be unveiled, they say.

The device termed Libra has been making the rounds of media table over the past few weeks which is why the dated announcement of 16 July doesn't come across as an out of blue event. In all likelihood, Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus are the devices lined up and here's what we know about the phones right now.

Both kind of Mi's 
We saw the two-thronged strategy from Xiaomi earlier this year when Mi Note and Mi Note Pro editions were launched and this was start to something bigger, literally. Mi 5 will be nothing bigger than 5.2-inch which seems quite sensible on Xiaomi's part and the Plus variant should have a phablet-sized 6-inch form, if not slightly smaller. Both the flagship options will get industry-standard 2K (1440p) display resolution.

Which Snapdragon SoC then? 
While it's obvious to get a Qualcomm chipset on high-end device (unless you're a HTC) but even then there's a big Snapdragon conundrum running these days. Will my device work fine with 810 or should I opt for safer 808? It's a bold move to opt for 810 with all the heating memoirs running aboard these days. OnePlus has already confirmed its priority by sticking with the 810 but Xiaomi's seems to be undecided about both the aforementioned variants, so we will have to wait for D-Day to see what the company opts for.

More camera power then please 
If Xiaomi wants Mi 5 series to rival the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6 or LG G4 then we want more imaging brilliance laced onto the phones. We're talking about a 16MP rear camera with laser auto-focus if possible and an 8MP shooter on the front for those quality selfie clicks. Bring it on!

Keep the battery running 
High-powered devices can only sustain for longer period if given the right back up solution. Big-size battery with quick charging technology feature is a flagship essential these days and Xiaomi has to stick to those for its sake.

Price it right with one eye on India 
Yes, if Indian market is only second to China for Xiaomi then a quick global-to-India availability needs to happen. One thing is for certain, Xiaomi devices above 20K aren't going to find many takers in the country (Mi 4 proved it) which is either they lower down price of Mi 4 (or discontinue) to shelf the Mi 5 at similar range.

It's Xiaomi vs OnePlus this month and are eyes will be glued to what the Chinese brands have to offer with their latest flagship device have to offer and when their India debut happens, after all that's where the money is these days. Stay tuned.