Saturday, 7 November 2015

WWE 2K16 Championship Announced for India

This year, with games like Mortal Kombat X and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 getting their own tournaments, it seems that WWE 2K16 is next. In order to promote the latest entry in the series, E-xpress, distributor of the game is hosting a WWE 2K16 tournament this month. In terms of prizes it seems to be the most generous one to date.

The first prize is a PS4, Rs. 30,000 in cash, and a WWE championship belt. Coming second also nets you a PS4 but only Rs. 10,000 in cash, and a WWE championship belt. As for third place? Rs. 15,000 in cash and yes, you guessed it a WWE championship belt. Keep in mind that these are toy belts from Mattel and not the real thing.

In order to take part, you'll need to register on the site set up for the tournament. Like prior tournaments, there's no entry fee for participation. The tournament will take place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre during IGX, a consumer gaming expo during November 14 and 15. Other events at IGX include a cosplay competition.

With WWE being a steady seller in the country through the year, it's nice to see publisher 2K Games taking an interest and tournaments like this only serve to grow its popularity.